Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Serious Statement/Aloof Response

Ok, so excuse personal indulgence here. And sincerity. In just a couple hours I will have the single most important meeting I have had in a long time, if ever. I tire of everyone's obsession with the economy. It seems as if it is the excuse, the reason or the result of just about of anything. And yet, I must admit that an opportunity like the one I am meeting about is rare in these economic times. Yes, I am crazy-nervous.

This brings me to my most recent project. I am a HUGE Futurama fan. I mean, huge. My favorite line delivery (not neccessarily my favorite line) is about 6:25 into the episode "The Why of Fry". The main Character, Fry, is supposed to savethe universe and is told that the fate of all that exists or ever will exist depends on him. He is the single most important person in the universe. He replies with a simple "Oh Snap"! I've been thinking of how important this meeting is today and I keep thinking of that line. I love the unbelievable weight of burden coupled with such an aloof reaction. So I did this last week while awaiting today!

The reason I love Futurama is the Fry/Leela dynamic. He is so in love with her and will do anything to please her, although screws up a lot and has it backfire. I am drawn to this because of my relationship with my better half. I have loved her since junior high and would do anything for her, and yes, I do screw up a lot in the attempt. At the end of the episode I took this quote from Leela has no idea of what Fry has accomplished for her. She has been on a horrible date with an overly self-important jerk and when he walks in the room she says Fry may not be the most important person in the universe but she is glad he is there with her right then. He replies then he is the most important person in the universe! I know how ever this goes today that's how she will feel of me and thus I will feel about it too!

Well that's it for my I am freaking the F out and typing anything and everything that comes to mind in my nervous state post. I promise next time I'll find a way to work in a few more dirty words and maybe something with bananas...

In the meantime how about favorite unrequited or hopelessly devoted loves in the comment sections. Books, Movies, Music, TV, whatever. Even if you wanna go on about those vampire-boy/human girl books that are all the rage right now.


Mequet said...

Hmmm, unrequited loves, huh? I highly recommend the book "The Brief, Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao" by Junot Diaz. It is awesome!! As you can probably imagine, the central character is Oscar. He is a total geek and he's super into sci-fi and manga and not at all lucky with the ladies. What makes this unusual is that he is Dominican and is definitely an oddity in his culture. This book is funny as hell, not to mention educational. I learned a lot about the dynamic in Dominican culture as it applies to man/woman relationships as well as relationships with other races and ethnicities. I also learned a lot about El Jefe/Trujillo and The Trujillo Era and how it affected Dominican culture. One thing. If you don't speak Spanish, you'll need a reference handy because there is quite a lot of it sprinkled throughout and most of it is slang/vernacular type Spanish. I don't speak Spanish and ended up doing a hell of a lot of googling. It was a really great book and, like I said, I highly recommend it. On the subject of your super important meeting, I wish you all the best and hope you have a good result from it!

Mr X Stitch said...

I had a crush on Kim Cattrall when she was in Mannequin. Nothing earth-shattering there, just wanted to get it off my chest.

Any updates for us, big fella?

Whatever James said...

@ mequet: I know enough spanish to get my face slapped, if you know what I mean but am not afraid of google so will have to check that book out.

@ Jamie: Just in mannequin? I have a major preference for ladies older then me. So while I am not a fan of her SITC character, I do so love her in it!

And the update is GOOD! They told me right then and there it was good (a good sign if ever there was one) so I am just waiting on the "official" phone call right now.