Friday, November 19, 2010

Furlough Friday: daisymae_cs

I know posting a picture of a recently completed or work-in-progress is not mandatory (I skipped my senior year at blogging school so what do I know). I also know you don’t come here for the instant coffee and penny candies I leave out. So rather then post another picture of “Hell” or busting my hump on yet another sampler or small piece, I thought, being in California, I would take a furlough (see how I did that) from stitching and tell you about someone else’s work. Without further adieu (about something), let me introduce daisymae_cs:
cross stitch 1

A few weeks back Windy and I were discussing my work and lack of work at the time. I mentioned that I am designing a new piece where I can hopefully take more traditional “art”, such as a painting, and adapt it for cross stitch. The idea I have is a little more than taking a cool painting and running it through a chart generator so it is going to be awhile before I can tell you if it is going to work. As for the “Art vs. Craft” argument/discussion/"aggressive negotiation", I am skipping that for now. Not because I don’t care but because if it’s all art then we have to worry about artistic integrity. Not having any other kind to begin with, I don’t want to burden myself.
Probably a few nights after the art/craft discussion with Windy, I found this post on craftster. Regardless of where you sit on the subject you have to admit: These rock more ass then a gaggle of male porn stars!
cross stitch 5
What really got me is that even in the pieces I am designing, I am being pretty lazy: minimizing colors and making changes to cut down on my work. Not only does daisymae_cs bring it, she does it in multiple shades and she said there is even some variegated thread use on some of them(whaaaaat)!?!
cross stitch 5 detail
So who is daisymae_cs? Well, she is keeping things classy over at flickr. So go check out some more of her work then send her a message telling her what a colorful badass she is! Although I am not quite high enough on the blog-o-meter to be conducting interviews, here is some of what she shared with me:

  I think that some people might think they're really "traditional" and simplistic, which in a way they are, but that's not what I'm trying to do. I totally feel the same way about stitching as art. I'm really getting a lot of inspiration lately seeing what some people in the cross-stitch & embroidery groups on Flickr are doing. There's some terrific original work there.

I have spent some time over at her photostream and it's all pretty impressive. Honestly, it has been very inspirational as well. I was hoping she had a store I could throw a link up to but that's not happening. Which means none of you can buy me one of these for christmas. I was good all year, too!!!
Int. Day. Whatever James sits sobbing at his computer. Pushes “publish post” button.
Fade Out.

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