Friday, February 27, 2009

240.8 Stitches Per Day

That's my goal. Instead of continuing to do a bunch of little projects I have decided to do one big one. I also decided if I am going to do a big one I should do something big with it.

"Enter it into the State Fair" I thought

"Is there a prize for winning? Or at least a participants ribbon" My brain replied.

"Quit talking and eat something" my stomach rudely added.

Well a little more debating (mostly about cup o noodle flavors) and a check to see there is a $700 prize later and I have decided to enter! Also I found out that entries are due May 29, 2009 (or 29 May 2009) for our friends across the pond. The piece I want to do is a portrait of Ben Kenobi, the classy older version. Here is a dramatic representation of what my computer thinks it will look like:

Finished it should be 8.5"w x 12.29"h and total 20,468 stitches. I would like to finish with a few days to spare, giving me time to frame, photo, etc before submitting it to the judges and my calculator says I have to complete 240.8 stitches a day to get it done on time. I think doing .8 stitches is lazy so I am going to do 241 stitches per day. Go for the gold. That's me.

Here is what I have so far. Wish me luck.

Total stitches to date: 418


Lauralness said...

Good luck!

How many colors did your computer poop out for you to use?

Whatever James said...

My computer hates me. I told it less then 75 colors. It spit back 72 at me.