Monday, March 2, 2009

WTF Was I Thinking?

First day working on Obi-Wan at work. 253 stitches. I thought I was done half way through my day. I thought I hit 241, or at least 240.8 and I was gonna stop there because momma didn't raise no overachiever. Also no third grade graduates but I think that's her fault not ours. But what felt like 240 was really 214 (isn't it funny how 14 and 40 sound AND feel kind of alike?) so I found a quick block of 39 squares that were all the same color and in a relatively straight pattern so I could get them out quickly.

Also someone asked how many colors are in the finished piece. 72. Wait, 72? Really? I knew I should have done that silly looking Obi Wan from the Clone Wars cartoon. Probably would have been like 5 colors and even then I wouldn't really need to fill in the white if I used white cloth, right?

Honestly while I was not expecting 72 colors I did allow for up to 75. I feel if this is going to be my only piece with this kind of scope then I want to go balls-out. My apologies to any readers of the fairer sex. Not because I use language like "balls-out" but because you have no idea how great and natural it feels to be balls out and thus probably can't appreciate the analogy.

I have two other big pieces I want to do but both are based on simple art or cartoons and thus 8 colors tops and all primary ones at that. This is my crowing achievement, I hope. So even though 72 colors at what feels like breakneck speed is probably gonna drive me to crazytown, I hope it will all be worth it.

Total stitches to date: 671


beefranck said...

Holy crap, that's so many colors! And stitches! It's going to be so awesome when it's done, though.

Also, no worries re: balls out analogy. If we're going to go there, though, I put it to you that women experience a similar moment of freedom during the first few braless moments of an evening. There's even been discussion of creating a religion around it.

bee listy said...

james, 72 colors is great, and not as horrible as it seems. my barack & hillary portrait is 72 or 73 colors, and i can't believe how manageable it ended up being-- and worth it in the end.

i'm working on stuff for the MN state fair! woohoo! cheers to putting some excitement into state fair stitching!

Lauralness said...

Holy Hell!! I have some BAP and they only have around 50 colors. If you need to stop and grid your fabric. And there may be points where you're like why the hell am I using this color, but it will all work out in the end. My husband thinks your project is kick ass and is cheering you on too.

Deirdre said...

Hey, are you familiar with Jen's cross stitch generator? (just google it). I love it -- right now I'm working on a 5 x 5 piece that has 67 colors -- I'll post it to craftster when I'm done. Then I'm starting a 20 inches by 18 inches piece for my stepdaughter's wedding gift.

The easiest way I've found for doing these colors is to work the blocks first, then when the colors are scattered, just do the colors one by one with a highlighter in my hand to check them off of the pattern.

Funny, I never thought of myself as a cross stitcher but I really enjoy it -- it's something that I can do for five minutes and put down or do for 2 hours.

Mr X Stitch said...

First of all, great choice! (I'm a bit late coming to this topic).
One thing I found useful when stitching a pace is to invest in a stand or frame holder that leaves both hands free for stitching. You can then use the one above and one below approach which can seriously increase the pace.
I guess if you're at work it might be a bit awkward, but they should let you..?