Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Blast From The Past: There Is Nothing Like Your First

Because following just my Obi-Wan portrait is comparable to watching grass grow I thought I should post some other things here from time to time. But since I am not working on any other projects at the moment other then Obi-Wan, I thought it would be cool to post some of my older stuff. I am sure that most of it can be found collecting dust at but its my blog so I'll post waht I want to. Including spelling errors, apparently.

So here is my first self-designed project. I have a shirt with the Pac Man ghosts on it so I made a chart from that. Oh if I had known about sites like back then. It took me almost a day to come up with something I thought looked right. I like to tell people (like my pastor's wife) that it's not dirty, it's more of a gladitorial challenge being issued by the ghosts. Ok, you got me. There is nothing there but some Pac-on-Poltergeist challenges of lust love.

I never got around to framing this. It went straight into my binder of completed/forgotten projects and still has the indentation from my embroidery hoop. Windy actually suggested framing some of my stuff and hanging it around the house. Maybe this one will see a second life. Hopefully it will be better then the Second Life I played. 46 hours a week playing my electronic self who still sat at a computer. But I didn't have a beard so maybe that was an angel showing me how my life could have been.

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Mr X Stitch said...

I wanted to get into Second Life, but then decided that the first life I was experiencing was probably better for me on all levels.

I'd get framing those pieces if I was you. Frame em, get yourself an etsy shop and go make some bucks! :)