Sunday, May 30, 2010

Punks Not...

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Here it is! Two-thirds done. Maybe not mathematically correct but I am counting words, not stitches. This is also the last time all the completed parts will be visible until its done *sniff*. I have already rolled it up and started outlining the "D" (for D-ead).

Now It's Time For Something Completely Similar:
I may have to set this big project aside (Say its not true, Whatever)! My oldest daughter turns 5 at the end of July and I am doing this rather large kit I got of Tinkerbell. It's really neat. It looks like a hand drawing! Anyway, to make sure I hit the deadline I am going to be stopping the Punk project in about two weeks to focus on her gift...let's see how far I can get!

Useless thought: I just realized in the previous paragraph I referred to myself as if Whatever was my first name and not my nickname. Odd. Even for me.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Bored of Black and Red

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Ok, I hope the new look doesn't make your eyes bleed. I am trying this from my new flickr account and I am sure this is gonna come out upside down and in Japanese. God damn you half-Japanese girls, you do it to me every time (My apologies to Rivers Cuomo).

Anyway, I saw this on a shirt, or a bumper sticker, or something and I just needed a break from the black and red wall that my big project is turning into. I whipped it up while Windy and I were watching Alice In Wonderland.

It's a small piece so it gets a small post. Out.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Back In The Saddle...But I'd Rather Be Back To The Future

And I don't mean because my mom looked like Leah Thompson did in 1955, I want a hover board. Anyway, I'm back! Sorry to take off like that and not call or anything (it wasn't you, it was me).

I got laid off back in February and finding a new job has been harder then finding Jesus. I'm just kidding, I didn't find Jesus. I have been looking for a job, though. In the meantime, I started really stitching again after a short lull. I'm still working on "Punks Not Dead" and would say I am about half way there. You can see that I am outlining each letter. I know its unconventional but its been a big help in getting it done at a decent pace.

I have some new stuff in the work. Maybe we can try some of it out soon in the near future. Until then, here is where I am right now: