Sunday, June 26, 2011

Anakin/Vader Sampler...And Han Stitched First

So...I did an interview for the incredible MrXStitch site and you can check it out here. First off, thanks to them for having me and thanks to everyone who have had such positive and kind words since. I promise it makes me sound waaaay cooler then I really am.

One of the photos used I have not actually posted here because it's such a weird subject to me but as a wise man once said "Start at the beginning...and when you get to the end, stop". The piece I did is a sampler. The quote is from Star Wars Episode I. We have only seen Anakin Skywalker for a couple of minutes at this point and when asked if he was a slave he got visibly angry and I thought that what he said, coupled with the Vader helmet would look really cool together. As a fan, I think that this quote carries through the entire saga as to how Vader may have felt his entire time as a cyborg and his ultimate return to the light side.

Anakin's First Flash of Anger

That's the story on the piece itself. Here is the chaos the piece has wrought: I am a Star Wars nerd through and through. I had an extensive (read: two rooms) collection of action figures, every novel, tons of strange collectibles, two tattoos and even named one of my daughters after an expanded universe character! As a rule I usually do NOT dress up as a Star Wars character for Halloween because it seems to obvious. Soon after I started stitching I decided not to do any Star Wars pieces for the same reason. Then I stitched Luke.