Sunday, March 8, 2009

240.8 Stitches Per Day: Meetings, Trainings, Meetings About Trainings and Trainings On How To Have Meetings

Bloody Hell.

It seemed like everything was working against my very simple - and dare I say reasonable - goal of 241 stitches a day. Sadly I have not even had time to count how many stitches I have but I know it's not a lot. There was one day I never even made it to my desk. It was all meetings as mentioned above!

Ok it is a lot. But it's not where I need it to be.

I decided to "frame" the top and start the left side. I thought it would give me a sense of accomplishment on every stitch I did if I could see how much closer it brought me instead of feeling like it was one more stitch towards an infinite and unattainable horizon. Someone call the cops. I know all that poetic sadness just stole your heart! Seriously, I am a fugitive of love, people.

Back to framing the piece. It is much smaller then I had anticipated. After crunching some numbers and some Cheetos, as well as looking at my receipts, it appears I have "chosen" a 12-count cloth, not 14 as previously thought. So the pic is gonna be a little bit smaller, which is find because the detail will be a little bit more in your face. Plus it will look more like an actual photo. At least when I take my glasses off.

To test that theory I hung the finished computer sim of the portrait on a wall and walked towards it without my glasses until I could tell it was not really a portrait. Needless to say I was right!!! I also have a bloody nose and a small hole in my wall. Yep, I was right.

Stitches to date: Don't ask, don't tell


Mr X Stitch said...

Stick at it dude!
A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step - they always tell you that.
But they never really elaborate on the rest of the process. I mean, for god's sake, we're talking about walking a thousand miles!
They don't talk about:
- the number of pairs of shoes you'll go through.
- how it will mess up your toenails.
- the diarrhoea session at about mile #415.
- the delirium at mile #728.

But it's a rite of passage we all go through.

With some of my pieces I am currently stand at mile #931 and stroking my chin, wondering what I'm doing...

Deirdre said...

I'm cheering you on. I have an enormous Link and Princess (20 inches by 18 inches) piece that I'm going to start this weekend. Fortunately it doesn't need to be finished until next March.

great. the word verification is "abusing."

Monday is seriously screwing with me.

beefranck said...

*joins cheering section*